The project Climate Circular Coop was presented at HEC Montreal’s International Institute for Cooperatives Alphonse-et-Dorimène-Desjardins.

For three months our Ph.D. Candidate researcher Asia Guerreschi will stay at the HEC Montréal‘s Institut international des coopératives Alphonse-et-Dorimène-Desjardins focusing on circular economy and eco-innovation practices by cooperatives. Our research will look not only to continue building an international network of researchers and cooperatives but also to share online some of the best practices of the region of Québec that we will contact.

Additionally, during these months Asia will continue her interviews to tell #coopstories around the world focusing on realities in Canada, Quebec, or just Montreal!

More about the institute!

The Institute’s mission is to:

  1. Promote the development and the sharing of knowledge on the management of cooperatives; 
  2. Provide a forum where the different actors of the cooperative movement can train and exchange
  3. Support research with a model “open” to research themes on cooperatives from all disciplines.

The Institute’s work is structured around three fields of activities, corresponding to the three aspects of its mission:

  1. Access to knowledge, with CoopGateway: Promote the access, development and sharing of knowledge on cooperatives and mutuals in the digital age. 
  2. Expertise and transferOrganize, in partnership with cooperatives, learning, knowledge transfer and training activities, and create an international discussion and networking hub on selected management themes. 
  3. Research: Supporting high-level researchers from different disciplines and their students who are interested in analyzing cooperatives. 
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