The project Climate Circular Coop will be presented and opening in a dedicated session on co-operatives’ role in the application of circular economy innovation strategies during the ICA CCR European Research Conference on 15 July at the Panteion University in Athens, Greece.

The conference that will be held from 13 to 15 July titled “Rethinking co-operatives: From local to global and from the past to the future” is organized by the International Cooperative Alliance CCR Europe Research Board and hosted with the support of five Universities, two National Research Centers and an educational cooperative, which bring together academics and researchers working on Co-operatives in Greece.

The host organizer of the conference is the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences with the support of the Agricultural University of Athens, the University of Western Macedonia, the Department of Tourism Management of the University of Patras, the National Centre for Social Research, the Institute of Cooperation, the Hellenic Open University, the educational non-profit cooperative “People’s University of Social and Solidarity Economy”, and the Co-opAbility Institute.

Climate Circular Coop presentation will be opened by Massimiliano Mazzanti, Director of the Economics and Management of the University of Ferrara followed by the presentation on co-op’s production of special waste by Andrea Cori Economist working at Legacoop. The occasion is chaired by Asia Guerreschi, a PhD Candidate from the University of Ferrara researching on co-ops’ application of circular economy strategies who will present a literature review of this topic during the same occasion.

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